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To Accelerates scientific research in order to help patients sooner.

The Problem

The funding process for applied research in life sciences is ripe for innovation. It is currently riddled with stop
and-go inefficiencies – leading to waste. For patients and their loved ones around the world, this is simply not
good enough – lives are at stake.

Inflexible funding

There is no consideration of the broader outcomes when evaluating the size of the pot that funds research in any given period


Researchers waste 30% of their time applying for funding for their research. Running the risk of rewarding articulate applications over research quality.

Commercial parties

Overreliance on commercial parties. Adding an unnecessary bias to what research is funded, leading to an emphasis on financial gains over clinical outcomes.

Academic Centers

In Academic Centers there is a focus on publishing versus going to market – the ecosystem supports publication, not commercialization.

The Solution

Funding that applies business principles to the research process, and prioritizes clinical outcomes over traditional academic milestones. With this approach, projects are fully funded from the moment of approval provided the aforementioned milestones are met.

By fully funding needle-moving projects we are able to attract top talent, both in- and outside of the given domain. There is budget to attract the best and the brightest.

  • Profits reinvested

    Installation of for-profit mechanisms to create a flywheel for future projects – 100% of profits are reinvested.

  • Dynamic funding

    Applies agnosticism to the size of the pot – removing stop and go’s from the research trajectory.

  • Researcher in the lead

    on go-to-market approach – imparting a sense of ownership.

  • Less reliant

    On involvement from commercial parties – ensuring that we are able to fund research that prioritizes clinical outcomes over shorter-term gains

For whom


The for-profit mechanisms that install the flywheel for future projects ensures a good use of funds. Success breeds more success. By prioritizing clinical outcomes, we are maximally positively impacting humanity in a broader sense. All funds are accounted for and ROI% is tracked. You know what’s happening with your money. Project LSMB represents a VC mentality in philanthropy.

academic community

Academic Community

Project LSMB is unbiased funding that is maximally supportive of the research process due to the ability to hire the best people, and to purchase the best tools. We seek to fully equip the top researchers. By fully funding projects, research talent is freed from the shackles of the administrative burden that the current state research process presents. Business principles and a dynamic approach to funding ensures the quickest possible benchto- bedside cycle.



Early stage applied research is in desperate need of funding. By removing academic hurdles and biases, as well as commercial ones, clinical outcomes can be efficiently prioritized. Project LSMB drastically shortens time-tomarket for critical research and its outcomes.

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